The Land

Victory Farmhouse sits on 19.3 acres of land. There is a mix of open hay fields, woods, hills, small caves and meadow. 

There are two restored stone terraces at the back of the home. The smaller upper terrace is a wonderful place to have coffee and breakfast or a sip of wine while watching the sunset. The lower terrace is a great place to host and gather for dinners and BBQs. There is an electric outlet and a water pump connected to the lower terrace to allow for easy entertaining. The sunset on the lower terrace is pretty spectacular. 

There is a secluded fire pit behind the farmhouse on the other side of the white fence. There are also some fenced in fruit frees in the same area (4 apple trees, 1 pear tree, 2 peach trees, 1 cherry tree, 1 sour cherry tree) - feel free to pick a few! 

There is plenty of space to play games in the fields. There are frisbees, corn hole and horse shoes for guests to play. Feel free to bring your soccer ball. The land is also perfect for snowshoeing in the winter and the house has two pairs that guests may use. 

The original barn across the street belongs to the property as well. Although the barn is off limits please feel welcome to explore the land surrounding the house, there is a lot of different terrain. Across the street from the house there are two fields and some woods with a scenic clearing that can be explored. Behind the house there are some fields and into the woods there is a fern forest and some pathways leading to an old stone wall hidden in the woods. To the right of the house there are pathways allowing you to walk through a meadow filled with golden rod and other native species. 

A gorgeous walk up the road will lead you to the neighboring farm where you can pick up some fresh farm eggs from their cooler - it's an honor system $3.00/dozen.